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Akounak Teggdalit Taha Tazouhai

Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red in it.


Purple Rain, Prince’s rock opera based loosely on his own journey to stardom, has been remade in the Saharan state of Niger – where few in the Tuareg community have ever heard of the musician, and there is no word for purple.

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, filmmaking novice Christopher Kirkley has gone about producing a critically acclaimed movie on a shoestring budget.

The spirit of Prince lives on in this movie and is another testament to the genius of the high-heeled one.

This is the first showing in Australia so come and enjoy this visual and musical treat on the green.

Screen on the Green is an outdoor movie cinema featuring independant arthouse films, local productions and the classics.

We don't do New Releases.

The aim is to promote the film industry and encourage a vibrant film and visual media industry for The Junction and Noosa as a whole.

Got a Film?

We're still planning our release schedule but below are some examples of films we've shown.

If you would like to submit your own film, or recommend one drop us a line.


The Goonies

Richard Donner/Steven Spielberg


High on a Cool Wave

Bob Evans

Local Documentary

For the love

Misha Robb-Maas
Tom Wegener

Where is Screen on the Green?

Screen on the Green is located on the top bowling green of the former Noosa Heads Bowls Club in Noosa Junction.


Get Involved

These events do cost money, and we'd like to keep them as free events.

As a Film Maker

If you make or produce films we'd love to hear from you.

As an Advertister

Promote your business to Noosa locals. Your sponsorship helps keep this event running.

As a Food Vendor

We support local business, and people gotta eat.

Love Film?

If you're in the film industry or just love working with visuals get in touch.

We're currently working on a co-working space specifically designed for film makers and music producers. You get to collaborate with other visual artists in film and digital media to share ideas and resources.

If you'd like to find our more leave a message on our facebook page.

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